Electric Cars and Charging

This month we are going to talk a bit about electric cars and charging for the vehicles. We should all be aware if you intend on purchasing one of these vehicles that you can charge these vehicles off of a standard wall outlet. Charging the vehicle this way will take some serious time to achieve. In most cases, you are talking about a few days.

All manufacturers give you the option of charging these cars quicker. This is usually achieved via a high amperage outlet. Usually a 50 amp circuit and outlet. I’ve seen these outlets installed on 8 AWG wires. While sometimes this is fine as long as it meets NEC standards, most manufacturers require this circuit to be run on a minimum of 6 AWG wire. Some manufacturers will void the warranty on the vehicle if the circuit isn’t installed according to their specifications. Make sure that you read your owner's manual and have the electrician follow the installation instructions set forth by the manufacturer. Always hire a licensed electrician to perform this work. This isn’t a DIY project. You can always contact us at (815)544-8877 by email at sales@elburnelectric.com or visit our website at www.elburnelectric.com.